What To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites Around Your Melbourne Home

termite crawling on rotten wood

When was the last time you saw a live termite? There is a good chance that you have never seen one of these destructive insects. This is not because they are not around. Termites are very prevalent in nature and a common issue in homes. It is also because of where these pests live. If you want to spot signs of termites before these pests chew through your Melbourne home, we have some things for you to think about today. If you know how to spot signs of termites and feel your home has an active infestation, call our Southern Home & Outdoor Services team for immediate assistance. We offer termite pest control in Melbourne and would be happy to help you remove these pests from your home’s wood.

How To Identify Signs Of Termites Around Your Home

There is always the chance that termites are inside your home. The question is, how can you tell? During an early infestation, you may notice mud tubes on the exterior of your home, buckling wood, doors, and windows that stick, bubbling paint, and small pinholes caused by termites after eating. Lastly, you may notice termite swarmers (winged termites). Seeing termite swarmers often means a termite colony is nearby. Without these signs, you have to wait for damage to become severe to identify these pests. The only other way to spot an infestation early is with expensive detection equipment. We own this equipment at Southern Home & Outdoor Services. Contact our team for a free termite inspection to make sure your home does not have an active termite infestation.

How Termites Can Slowly And Silently Destroy Your Home 

It can take termites years to damage a home. The problem is that these pests are not on most people’s radars. Often they are able to nibble through structural wood for months without being detected. If you are not paying attention, you could find sections of your home’s wood that these pests have hollowed out. This isn’t to mention the water damage that termites spread which causes swelling and other serious problems. The absolute best way to stop these conditions inside your home is to invest in some form of termite control. Two options are do-it-yourself (DIY) prevention and professional treatments.

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

Your home and property might be a termite magnet. This all depends on if there are factors that will draw in these pests. If you didn’t know, termites need one thing to survive, cellulose. Here are some ways these pests can get this tasty treat:

  • By nibbling on leaves
  • By chewing through water-damaged wood
  • By eating dead trees/stumps
  • By munching on stick piles
  • By snacking on wet cardboard
  • By eating wood-based mulch

If you remove these items from your property and address moisture problems, you will significantly reduce your chances of a termite infestation. 

The Best Thing To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termite Damage

The absolute best method for preventing and eliminating termites lies with pest control professionals. At Southern Home & Outdoor Services, we love helping locals like you avoid a termite problem. We know how to identify evidence of termite damage and what methods work best to remove these destructive insects from inside floors, walls, and ceilings. Take time today and let us be your local termite company and find out the other pest control options we provide. 

Contact our Southern Home & Outdoor Services team to schedule a free termite inspection for your Melbourne home and property. We are a locally owned and operated company.

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