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Protecting your business from the many things that could harm it is no easy task. Supply chain problems, weather events, a bad review, and many other issues can all have a negative effect on your business. You work hard to avoid these issues, but you don’t have to do it alone. Allowing people with expertise in certain fields to help your business thrive enables you to focus on the areas in which you excel.

In the case of pests, your commercial property needs ongoing protection to avoid an infestation. Instead of trying to avoid a pest issue on your own, you can trust the experienced professionals at Southern Home & Outdoor Services. With over 20 years in the pest control industry, we use high-quality, modern techniques to provide comprehensive pest control to Melbourne businesses.

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What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

a large commercial building with lots of glass

Our service begins right where the problem is. We’ll have you share your concerns with us and show us where you’ve noticed an issue, and we’ll start our inspection in that location, working our way out to identify any other areas of concern. A thorough inspection allows us to not only determine the areas where pests are active but also helps us identify what types of pests are on your property and what types of services are necessary to protect your property.

Once we know your pest control issues, we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan to eliminate active pests and protect your facility from new pest threats. We understand how damaging a pest infestation can be, so we work quickly and with the skill to make sure your business has complete protection. We also offer ongoing services that keep your facility pest-free in the months and years to come.

Why Partner With Us

Here’s Why Melbourne Businesses Love Us

Modern Techniques

We combine our decades of experience with the most up-to-date and modern advancements in our industry to deliver the best pest control in our area.

Green Treatments

We care about your business, your customers, your employees, and the environment. That’s why we use green products that are safe for everyone.

Customized Service

Your business needs a pest control plan tailored to its unique pest issues. We’ll customize our services to solve your specific pest problems.

Facilities We Service

a large restaurant


Pests frequently infest restaurants and bars, but these businesses are the last place pests belong. Protect your customers from contaminated food by partnering with Southern Home & Outdoor Services.

a large hotel room with a huge bed


Guests at your hotel expect to stay in a safe, clean room. If they find pests in your hotel, they won’t return, and they’ll likely tell other people not to visit either. Keep pests out with Southern Home & Outdoor Services.

a large apartment building

Apartment Complexes

With so many people living in one building, it’s no surprise that your apartment complex is at risk of a pest infestation. Protect your tenants and your buildings with the help of Southern Home & Outdoor Services.

long shelves in a warehouse


A warehouse is an easy place for pests to invade undetected. Once inside, they can cause considerable damage. Let Southern Home & Outdoor Services protect your warehouse facility from pests.

a large modern office building

Office Buildings

Keeping pests out of your office building is good for your building and good for your employees. Southern Home & Outdoor Services provides the commercial pest control services you need to ensure your office stays pest-free.

shopping in a retail store

Strip Malls/Retail

If pests get into a retail facility, they can easily spread from store to store and begin to damage your merchandise. Protect your business with the help of Southern Home & Outdoor Services’ commercial pest control.

Pest Control That Works For Your Business

You work hard for your business, and you deserve a pest control company that works hard for your business too. Southern Home & Outdoor Services will customize a comprehensive pest control plan for your Melbourne business to ensure your pest problems are a thing of the past. Using our extensive knowledge of pests and the best pest control methods, we’ll protect your property, no matter your pest issues. Contact us today to get your free inspection and to learn more about our home pest control services.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"great service and great prices!"

Desiree F.

"Mel is reliable and affordable, highly recommend. When we had ant issues he was able to handle that as well. One stop shop for lawn and pest."

Scott D
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"Great customer service and fast response!"

Brittany M.
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