Wildlife Identification & Prevention

When formulating your South Florida pest prevention plan, wildlife control might not be at the top of your list of priorities, but ignoring it could cost you in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife

What is pest wildlife?

Simply put, nuisance wildlife is a subset of wild animals that live in or around areas inhabited by humans and often cause problems for home and business owners in those areas. This definition can encompass a host of species, but some of the most common nuisance wildlife species in our area are raccoons, opossums, and armadillos. Each of these species causes unique problems and as well as the problems that are universal to almost every nuisance wildlife species. Our pest control services in Melbourne, FL, can help you with proper identification.

raccoon on a roof

Can pest wildlife be dangerous?

Nuisance wildlife can absolutely be dangerous. One of the primary dangers that you can encounter with pest wildlife is rabies exposure. Never take rabies exposure lightly, as rabies is the deadliest virus known to humankind. Once symptoms appear, your chance of dying is 100%. Fortunately, the rabies vaccine means that full-blown rabies cases are extremely rare. However, rabies vaccines are very painful and can be excruciatingly expensive, especially since many U.S. health insurers refuse to cover them. So, while the chances of a bite from a wild animal costing you your life are slim, a bite might still cost you your life savings.

Aside from exposing you to rabies, nuisance wildlife can expose you to other diseases, including those carried by the parasites that infest the animals themselves – such as ticks and fleas. Nuisance wildlife may also cause massive property damage by tearing into your house or outbuildings to access food and shelter.

Why do I have a pest wildlife problem?

Most of the time, you end up with a pest wildlife problem because there are things on your property attracting these animals. For instance, garbage cans with easy-to-open lids or no lids at all are huge attractants for raccoons and opossums. Armadillos, meanwhile, might be attracted to your vegetable garden for all the juicy grubs and pest insects in it. Little things you might not even think of can attract wildlife, so paying attention to where wildlife is going on your property and what it's coming after is important.

Where will I find pest wildlife?

Most of the time, you will find pest wildlife outdoors or in low-traffic areas of your house, such as crawl spaces or attics. Raccoons and opossums are especially likely to nest in your attic because they are such good climbers, but you may also find them in sheds or garages as well. Virtually anywhere on your property that features shelter from the weather and predators and a low human presence is fair game for wildlife.

How do I get rid of pest wildlife?

If you have a pest wildlife problem, do not try to deal with it yourself. As we've already discussed above, rabies exposure is a real and present danger with wildlife infestations. You should never attempt to do your own home pest control. The safest option is to contact professional commercial pest control services for help. Wildlife experts, like the pros here at Southern Home & Outdoor Services, know how to keep your family and themselves safe when approaching and removing nuisance animals from your property.

How can I prevent pest wildlife in the future?

The best method of wildlife control in Melbourne is wildlife prevention. To make your house a more hostile place for wildlife:

  • Cut off access to attics, crawl spaces, sheds, etc., using wire mesh or plywood, depending on whether you need circulation.
  • Keep all garbage and compost covered with wildlife-proof lids at all times.
  • Never leave pet foods outside, but feed your pets and put their food and bowls away.
  • Get rid of as many easily accessible water sources around your property as possible.
  • Consider using scare tactics such as fake owls and hawks around your property.

And remember, if you wind up with a wildlife infestation, do not try to deal with it yourself. Avoid potentially costly and deadly animal bites by contacting your friendly neighborhood wildlife control services at Southern Home & Outdoor Services!

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