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Pest Control & Landscaping In Volusia, FL

If anyone is looking for a beautiful place to build a forever home or start up a business, we recommend Volusia County. This area has many of our favorite restaurants, entertainment facility, and beachfront views. One way we try to add to the area is by providing unmatched pest control services. Our goal is to find any way possible to make your home or business more comfortable. Stick around to find out more about commercial and residential pest control in Volusia, FL, and some pests that trouble locals. Call Southern Home & Outdoor Services for direct help with existing pest problems. Let us send some technicians your way to address the issues you are facing and put in place lasting treatments to help you avoid future infestations. 

Residential Landscaping & Pest Control In Volusia

volusia fl home pest control

When you come home after a long day of work, you do not want to deal with pests inside your home. This is why professional residential pest control exists. At Southern Home & Outdoor Services, we work hard to make sure all locals in Volusia have access to comprehensive control options for whatever invasive species are causing them trouble. Most local pests are preventable with our general pest control. This offering uses blanket control methods to deter a wide range of common household pests including ants, cockroaches, and beetles. If you want to upgrade this plan, add on termite control. These destructive insects require specialty treatments which we can provide at your leisure. Regardless of what level of service you are looking for, we highly recommend starting with a thorough pest inspection to identify existing problems inside and around your home. Call us now to schedule an inspection for your home and property and learn more about our residential pest control plans. 

Commercial Pest Control & Landscaping In Volusia

Do you find it challenging to keep your business up and running? There are many things that might make your job a lot harder. Something that will certainly help you run a more successful business is a partnership with a local pest control provider. At Southern Home & Outdoor Services we work hard to provide unmatched commercial pest control offerings for the hard-working business owners of our community. Whether you own a restaurant or an office space, you need to talk to one of our team members about our comprehensive options. We will work closely with you to customize service and maximize results. Give our team a call now to make an appointment for your Volusia business property and find out more about our effective commercial pest control plans.

Hardscaping Adds That Something Special To Your Volusia Yard

Grass and plants are beautiful, and a well-kept property is something to behold. One thing that adds to the beauty of properties is hardscaping. If you don’t know what hardscaping is, it is a process where environmental structures like stone pathways, firepits, retaining walls, decks, fountains, and other similar items are added to yards. These solid pieces can act as both decoration and functional extensions of your living areas. A beautiful stone patio is a great place to fire up the grill and host your friends. A stone pathway creates ease of access between your home and outbuildings on your property. A gorgeous flowing fountain adds an element that your family and friends will not be able to stop talking about. Contact Southern Home & Outdoor Services if you have questions about our hardscaping options or if you want to bring in one of our technicians to start an installation on your property. 

The Experts Guide To Effective Mosquito Control In Volusia

When you spend time outdoors, do you worry about mosquitoes biting you? This is a common problem property owners face here in Volusia. Two ways to handle this problem include investing in a professional mosquito control plan and implementing some simple DIY prevention strategies. Let's start with five awesome abatement tips and tricks. 

  1. Eliminate sources of water build-up after it rains and address factors that might allow for water build-up in the future.
  2. Clean your gutters at least once a year and make sure they are in good repair and properly channeling water away from your home’s exterior.
  3. Change out the water inside ornate pools and bird baths at least once every four days or invest in water sources that self-circulate. 
  4. Install fans around outdoor lounging areas. Mosquitoes are notoriously bad flyers and have trouble landing when there is a breeze.
  5. Stock large bodies of water, like ponds, with mosquito fish. These fish will actively eat mosquito larvae and reduce the populations of these pests on your property. 

For more information about professional mosquito control contact our team at Southern Home & Outdoor Services. We have everything you need to combat these annoying yard pests and would be happy to service your Volusia, FL property.

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